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Christian Science Nursing

Christian Science nursing care is at the very heart of Wayside’s mission. Christian Science nursing is based on the demonstrated healing power of God alone. Members and adherents of Christian Science who rely solely on prayer for healing may at times require practical care beyond what the family can give. The Christian Science nurse is one who shares their approach of turning to, and relying fully on God for healing.    While under the skilled care of a Christian Science nurse your physical needs will be lovingly cared for and you will be spiritually supported as you focus on spiritual growth and healing.

Christian Science Nursing Care may include:

  • Bathing and personal care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Meal assistance and food modiciations
  • Cleansing and dressing of wounds
  • Full bed care (24 hour)
  • Reading to patient

Christian Science Nursing Care admission is open to anyone relying on Christian Science alone for healing and working with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner. For admission inquiries call us directly at 250-598-4521 or email.

“As soon as I arrived at Wayside House, I felt a calmness and hopefulness cradling me, keeping me safe.  Nurses were there twenty-four hours a day, someone I could turn to when I was afraid, and who responded with healing, spiritual words. It was so comforting, knowing that someone was always there for me should I need them.  This calm, confident and loving atmosphere was what I needed to work through to a healing.”


Nursing Care at Wayside HouseWhat is a Christian Science Nurse?
Christian Science nurses are dedicated members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Their nursing practice is based on Mary Baker Eddy’s bylaw in the Church Manual, (Article VIII, Section 31), which states:

“A member of The Mother Church who represents himself or herself as a Christian Science nurse shall be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick.

The cards of such persons may be inserted in The Christian Science Journal under rules established by the publishers.”

Our nursing staff consists of nurses listed in The Christian Science Journal as well as others who have received training in nursing and bed-side care which is supportive of Christian Science healing. They provide spiritual reassurance and skillful, nonmedical physical care for anyone relying on Christian Science for healing. Christian Science nursing does not include medical treatment.

Nursing Care at Wayside HouseA Christian Science nurse recognizes the importance of the mental environment surrounding the patient. With encouragement and patience they maintain this atmosphere supporting spiritual growth and healing. The nurses embraces and cherishes the divine nature of every patient. When entering a room the nurse “beholds the perfect man” knowing that the Christ and its healing presence is always ahead of them. They acknowledge and uphold God’s all presence, demonstrating God’s tender care for all His creation.

“The first class care and attention I received for my every need was supplied by every member of the nursing staff.  Their good humour and endless patience could only have been divine.”

This church is designed to make the healing and educational system known as Christian Science available and accessible to everyone.  Christian Science enables us to understand our relationship to a loving God and our relationship to each other.  This understanding improves our lives, our communities and the world.  The complete explanation of Christian Science is contained in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

The Church was founded by Mary Baker Eddy with a healing mission that embraces all humanity.  In the early 1870s, Eddy began to widely share her principles of spiritual healing for the benefit of others.  After publication in 1875 of Science and Health, her primary work on spirituality and healing, readers began meeting to discuss the ideas and share their healing results.  Then, in 1879, Eddy established what became The First Church of Christ, Scientist.