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Meals at Wayside


The kitchen staff takes great pleasure in providing a wonderful array of delicious home cooked meals. We are proud to have been consistently awarded Foodsafe Excellence for our high standards.

You may choose to have all meals at Wayside or you may prefer just Bed and Breakfast.

A continental breakfast is served in your room at 8:00 AM.  Lunch and dinner are served family style in the dining room. A tray may be sent to your room upon request.

One guest wrote:
The kindness, love and caring expressed by all the staff has been wonderful. I have felt loved and cared for…I have especially appreciated the peaceful atmosphere that I feel here, as I have such a busy schedule back home.”

About the Kitchen Staff at Wayside House:
“The food is spectacular!” – A guest


NOON MEAL                           $12.00
EVENING MEAL                     $10.00